Responsive Website Design & Development Services

Responsive Website Development

Hi-Tech’s Responsive Website Development solutions are designed with advanced HTML5 & CSS3 that are compatible with all screen sizes and devices including mobiles, tablets, PCs & TVs.

These solutions based on responsive web design strategies of Liquid/Fluid layouts, Media queries & Fluid Images, are customized with inbuilt e-commerce concept starting from creating your store & managing orders to shipping details & receiving payments & much more.

Responsive websites developed by Hi-Tech addresses the evolving scenario of devices – browsers – screen sizes and Integration of flexible, fluid and adaptive. In simple words it loads and functions swiftly on devices with low resolution – limited processing speeds & weak bandwidths.

Value Addition to your Business:
  • A Website Solution with 3 turnkey features
    • Media queries & attendees to these queries
    • Compatible grid-based layout that customs relative sizing
    • Dynamic resizing facilitating supple images & media
  • Helps you in managing your mobile SEO strategy
  • Your mobile users to have the same quality of browsing experience as a desktop/laptop user.
  • Simple mechanisms of navigation & menu options making your website more user friendly
  • Resolution breakpoints addressed ranging from <480px to >1024px.
  • Images which are flexible & workable, yet attractive
  • Compressed content and site elements

Hi-Tech designs solutions for the four corners of screens, and not only its screen dimensions, which are bound to stand the test of time. Our web products are designed to fit a variety of browsers and our primary goal with website development is to make them device-agnostic.

Our screen solutions are based on fluid percentages, and designed for meeting our client’s need as well as for the end users. Our future-proof site solutions and responsive websites adorn the web arena like prized identities for our clients and have proven to be efficient showcases for all types of companies.

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