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Social Networking

Hi-Tech builds extensible, flexible social networking applications that are scalable – tested & customized. Our expertise includes Drupal – Symphony with standards including HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, w3 certified section 508 compliant coding.

We deliver Custom Social Networking platforms, your business or alumni social network requires, while offering full ownership rights to these custom solutions.

Fundamental social networking features including registration – profiles – message wall – friends – videos – photos – privacy controls and much more are controlled by our social network core engine, with custom modules and unique features created around for your convenience.

Social networking websites have in recent years become the common means of communication for people from different walks of life. We deliver advanced features & functionalities required for developing social sites, and provide instant sharing options and a lot more for engaging people.

Social Networking Offerings:
  • Social networking development platform tailored to enhance your websites & increase revenue
  • State of the art information sharing features
  • Up-to-date Web 2.0 development services
  • Streamlined business processes with innovative Web 2.0 technologies
  • Cost-effective pricing in case open source networking platforms customization is implemented

Our custom projects developed especially for you offer the option to own the code and designs. It empowers you with full control and ownership of your project and site.

Our software professionals and developers are committed to provide quality solutions for the social networks for a plethora of enterprise needs and even encourage integration with top social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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