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Why should I pay to set up a website; there are “Build your Website for Free” options available?

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While surfing the internet, you would encounter advertisements that claim you can “build your website for free”.

Irrespective of whether it is a Travel website, Real Estate / property website, shopping site, online retail multivendor website, online retail marketplace or portals such as FlipKart, Etsy, eBay, SnapDeal, Yelp, Groupon,,, ZocDoc, GrubHub,,, FoodPanda,, UrbanSpoon,,,, Nuvango – they claim that you can build it on your own for free.

This, I would say, might give you “your web presence” and “not your website”. It is something that will create its place on your business cards to point it to your clients, but does it really help you in getting new clients and securing the ones that you already have…frankly speaking “NO”.

A lot of tools are available online, which allow you to build your website – for free. But they are dependent on plugins or generic modules to create/make your page. These generic and multi-purpose blocks are an indication that there are a lot of dismissed codes in your app that can considerably slow down your website or make it unstable. However you website or your online business needs custom design features that can be implemented only by building the site from scratch.

Why should I pay to set up a website; there are “Build your Website for Free” options available?

Your new startup is very close to you heart, I suppose. So, if you are really serious about your new business, you will be the last person to want your website to look generic – alike other sites designed and developed by the same “build your website for free” tool. You would want your website to perform specific tasks which the free tool does not allow or does not integrate with your website – elegantly. There are chances that you might get tired of performance issues and frequent crashes of your website designed for free.

Some more disadvantages to a free website:

  • You don’t own the website, which means the service provider has the control on what you can and cannot do with your website. In worst scenario the service provider can even delete your site.
  • Limitations, as you don’t own the site, become a regular occurrence. If you are looking to add up a new feature – you cannot as your free website service provider does not support that particular feature.
  • SEO benefits are something that you will have to let go. For instance if your free website service provider is penalized by Google and pushed down the ranks. This certainly will affect your site and your business as well.

Now, here your so called website made through “build your own website for free option” may not give you the one, which is equipped to make its mark on the internet search through its tasteful graphics and high appeal. So trust me it is “bad Marketing” and “bad use of budgets as well as time”. It’s a wrong thing to do with your new business and its website.

Then, what’s the right thing to do?

  • If your website is designed at Hi-Tech ITO, you will get a custom built website at a small fee, but you are able to control each and every aspect of the website.
  • We will design the website you want us to, adding all the features you suggest and make them interact positively with your users.
  • You also get a website equipped with highly scalable designs, thriving graphics & layouts with features such as quick loading, and will be user friendly irrespective of user’s skills or their internet speed.
  • Google+, Quora and many more are examples of sites developed from scratch.
  • Websites designed from scratch are coded to enable them to dynamically update – themselves.
  • Your website communicates to the server to return queries, maintain user database, enable users to interact internally and a lot more.

This certainly will help you fetch better results for a fraction of the cost. Now this is called good marketing and an excellent start for your business.

So I think I have made myself very clear that this article is only for those who are interested in having a website that is capable of marketing your business the way it desires and deserves.

Your business deserves:

  • A website that not only looks apart from competitors, but also is search engine friendly to generate customers for your business
  • A website that reflects your business and articulates your goals and your brand
  • A website that is compatible with every type of web browsers and on various operating systems.

We try to reach out to the root of what is involved and what is expected. This is one of the reasons why our web designers and developers have a lot of queries and questions before they offer you the final quote – at Hi-Tech ITO we do.

We will prepare the best website for your business while you focus on your core competencies.

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