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Which is the Best Fit for Your Organization – MS Dynamics AX or MS Dynamics NAV?

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Both Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV are designed to specifically to provide you with full functionalities and integrated ERP systems. Equipped to perform in a single plant or across various functions – they also support multiple languages and multiple currencies for operations across geographies. With explicit network of ISVs to offer complimentary functionalities; the product extends its services for specific industries. Also both the technologies are a masterpiece with convenient scalability from a few to thousands – in just no time.

So then if both of them have all the plus point what is it that the organizations/businesses should opt for and why? The difference between both the technologies is not “Whether” it performs a particular functionality or not….it is “HOW” it performs a particular function. While we also agree to that fact that only an expert could explain the in depth difference in both the technologies, we have tried to put across a small comparison for the benefit of one and all. Also that we have tried to incorporate all the points; however, if we missed out on something – please feel free to make additions to it.

Which is the Best Fit for Your Organization – MS Dynamics AX or MS Dynamics NAV?

Microsoft Dynamics AXMicrosoft Dynamics NAV
Customer BaseUsed particularly by large, international organizations that face organizational challenges with deployment across geographical locations.Used particularly by midsize businesses looking out to take advantage of powerful technologies to compete with larger organizations as NAV can grows along with your company.
Global OperationsProvides support to centralized master data management and services including procurement and financials. Multilayered financial posting enables management of several financial standards (GAPP, IFRS).Provides support to global businesses without complex organizational structure.
Industry FitFlexible and highly customizable solutions focusing mainly on six industries – Service, Manufacturing, Distribution, Financial, Public Sector and Retail.Flexible and highly customizable solutions due to a very large installed base and availability of ISV enhancements, supporting a wide array of industries.
Manufacturing ModesComprehensive solution designed for most of the modes of manufacturing with product’s functional extensions. Useful for Job Shop, discrete, process and lean manufacturing.Integrated ERP solutions are designed for discrete manufacturing yet can handle other modes with ISV add-ons.
Global PlanningAdvanced manufacturing planning features include multi-schedule and multi-plantMulti-site planning
ImplementationsThough functionally rich, solutions require more decisions during the implementation process resulting in prolonged deployment time and resourcesModerate to low intervention, followed with low implementation and maintenance cost
DeploymentSolutions can be installed on your servers or be hosted as per your needs. AX is designed to run in the cloud in the AX 2014 version.This three tier application can be installed on your servers or be hosted for you, is also available in the Microsoft Azure cloud.
Development EnvironmentSuitable for larger IT environments, the integrated development environment (IDE) in Microsoft Dynamics AX, called MorphX, is a X++ development language easily adopted by a .net developer. The IDE also has a built-in data migration framework, upgrade analysis tools followed with integration with Visual (Client Application Language) for doing any required modifications through a simple programming language used universally. It also provides interoperability with Microsoft .NET Framework. Rapid Start Services – the built in data management suite and reports are customizable with help of SQL Reporting Services.

Why you should choose MS Dynamics partner?

MS Dynamics partners completely understand the differences between the two products. They would review your organization’s specific requirements to help you select the best Microsoft Dynamics solution that fits your requirements looking at the way your business works.

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