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New Rules of Secure Data Network for Enterprise Mobility Management in 2015

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Work-while-you-are-on-a-go! – This has become the primary motto of today’s fast-moving world. And now, with the competition getting tougher and pressure to excel mounting inadvertently has resulted in the rise of Enterprise Mobility Management!

New Rules of Secure Data Network for Enterprise Mobility Management in 2015

This has given immense liberty and “mobility” to the employees to carry on with the essential operations from anywhere – Even while they are on a business trip or at the office. So, the end-story of this is to ensure that the work does not get hampered. In fact, the past year belonged to enterprise mobility management– We, actually witnessed some breakthrough innovations coming up and how a number of private organizations happily embraced it. Undoubtedly, this mobility mantra has been instrumental in blurring the boundaries – however, it has always posed a major threat to the data security!

Yes, it does make the data and some sensitive information vulnerable and hence security has indeed become a prime concern for organizations. And perhaps, that’s the reason why data protection and security has become the major 2015 mobility mantra.

Here are some of the crucial things are making their way into the “To-do” list of the IT professionals.

IT Security Become “CLOUDY”:

  • SaaS solutions are all set to continue its reign in 2015 as well. Adoption of the cloud technology has given more flexibility, scalability and ease-of-implementation to various businesses.
  • In fact, with the IT infrastructure getting more cloudy; several stronger security protocols within these services are getting implemented since more and more organizations are now migrating their workloads to the cloud.
  • In fact, cloud providers are all set to make huge investments to build a rock-solid network structures to support the full scope of security controls and to guarantee organizations that all these security solutions are right in their places to protect their assets.
  • As expected lot of efforts are made to bring down the detrimental effects of the human errors and ensure the corporate information is securely accessed.

It has been a Long Journey – From Security Technologies to Secure Platforms

Last year witnessed a growing number of platforms that promises excellent protection, however; this year it is expected to see this notion taking a 360 degree turn! It is believed that this year the emphasis will be more on creating a secure platform which allows the businesses to run multiple applications in a protected environment.

Endpoint Security Back In Fashion

Last, but not the least, it is widely speculated that the industry is all geared up to bring back endpoint security. Going by the lines of old is gold; the professionals are keen on using devices such as PCs, laptops and smartphones for endpoint security. The main reason for the comeback of this trend is to enable some form of incident response process, as deployments of endpoints makes the process quicker and convenient.

It is important that enterprises play a highly proactive role in order to manage the impact of arrangements resulting from the endpoint source and ensuring as much visibility, familiarity and control as possible. The basic principle that works behind Enterprise Mobility Management is to make working environment flexible and increase employee productivity. In this endeavor; the data security was somewhere overlooked in the past couple of years. However; in coming years professionals are all geared up to enhance the security and make the enterprise mobility fool-proof.

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