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Mobility Becomes Imperative For Businesses across the Globe

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Mobility Becomes Imperative For Businesses across the Globe

Business Mobility – An Inescapable Proposition

Mobility, for businesses is no longer an option; it has become an essentially, rather than a prerequisite for any business. This is because of the growing market of Smartphone users, who want to stay active while on the go.

Mobile devices are getting smarter, and their penetration rate across developed markets is to reach 100% shortly. The number of users, who are connected via their mobiles, has exceeded the number of people on this planet. Going by the demographics, one can infer that somewhere down the line, businesses have lagged behind. They have not been able to match pace with the consumer uptake.

However, now ‘business mobility’ is gaining momentum as several enterprises have realized their potentials. Business Mobility has become one of those third platform technologies, which dictates the way businesses are conducted. Mobility across an enterprise demands a very strong collaboration between business and IT. While businesses can think out of the box, innovate and experiment in order to cater to their clients in an improved manner, increase operational efficiency, improve productivity & much more, the IT takes care that all these processes are risk free and secure.

Let’s see how Mobility can transform the way your business operates, and also why it is important for business to go mobile and stay connected with their customers, and employees even on the go.

Improving Efficiency with Increased Mobility

Enterprises, cannot thrive if they do not adopt a proactive approach towards mobility. It is imperative that businesses do not look at mobility as a problem but as an opportunity. However implementing mobility requires a strategic approach. IDC, an American market research, analysis and advisory firm recommends enterprises to set key performance indicators or metrics and further evaluate the maturity model at each progressive stage.

IT departments must take the enterprise mobility initiative. They should define mobility framework and coordinate projects. As I said earlier, it is important to work in collaboration. At no point, the employees or business departments should see mobility implementation as an obstacle.

When I say enterprise mobility, two most popular trends that we can see in today’s environment are consumerization and BYOD (Bring your own devices). Enterprise mobility solutions, that caters to these two trends enables quicker decisions, and rapid processing of tasks thus creating an efficient business mobility model.

Connecting via Phones, Tablets and the Internet of Things

Connectivity and the ‘Internet of Things’ enables enterprises to prepare for real time sharing of information. Enhanced connectivity also improves the opportunities and the quality of interaction between people to people, people to things and machine to machine.

Rebuilding Processes for Mobility Compatibility

The advanced mobile devices have influenced the way applications and business processes are designed. Today the emphasis lies on providing the user access to a particular feature in just one or two clicks, while the devices used to access a particular application or business process; may vary. Hence, there is great stress on building applications that are responsive and can be compatible and easy to use on all types of devices.

Decoupling of Software and Hardware – Enabling Portability

Enabling portability will give a new meaning to mobility. Primarily because, it allows users to view content on any device that suits their requirements and situations. The next wave of development includes portability using a combination of cloud storage, SaaS, Cloud media, and remote desktop access. All these platforms can be used to store retrieve and consume content on the go. However, in this scenario it becomes extremely essential to set up higher levels of authentication layers, so ensure that the user access the content is authorized to do so. As the devices become sleek and smart, decoupling of software and services from hardware and the locations should be possible.

To sum it up, I will say that mobility is more than just wireless connectivity; and it has a lot to offer. Combined with cloud computing it can transform the way you do your business. Introducing mobility between business and clients and also between business and employees empowers an enterprise, making it more relevant, immediate and intelligent. Companies that remain abreast and adapt to the changing landscapes will thrive and gain a competitive advantage over others.

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