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Mobile App Development for Real Estate – These Features will help you to Pick the Best!

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With the development and progress in the field of mobile apps; came a fresh air of innovation and efficiency! There are several industries which have immensely benefited with mobile applications – Let’s take realty sector for that matter – With expansion of this industry, the buyers and sellers need a robust support system that makes ‘house-hunting’ much easier, streamlined, and on top of if extremely swift.

Mobile App Development for Real Estate – These Features will help you to Pick the Best!
There are numerous mobile apps for real estate area, which are easily (for free) available on various platforms. This huge availability has actually made it difficult to pick up an apt application that provides “one stop solution” to every problem faced by property-hunters and dealers.

So, which are these unique and extraordinary features of mobile app for real estate sector which you need to look before going for a particular application.

The answer lies in this write-up; you will see some of the interesting and powerful features of realty applications:

Robust Search Filters:

Property search is definitely not an easy task – A simple query may show you pages and pages of results; all might not meet your criteria (price, preferred geographical location and type of property). Sorting the ‘your-kind-of-property’ from this bulk of data can be tiresome and time-consuming.

Therefore, install an application which has robustly build search filters that give (almost) exact results matching completely with your set criteria. This will narrow down your options, making it simpler to sort out the properties and make a good choice, at the end of it.

Mortgage Calculators:

Buying and selling a property involves a lot of financial transactions. It might not be very friendly to calculate the loans or mortgage – There are full chances of errors, wrong calculations, giving you a very unclear picture of finances.

There are several applications which has an in-built calculator, which allows the users to calculate the loan repayments, interests, mortgage, among other things, thus, eliminating chances of errors or miscalculations.

An ‘Atlas’ at your finger tip:

You are relocating to a completely new city or state or may be country; and so you want to know every single detail about the region – right from the demographics, political distribution, climatic conditions, mode of commutations as well as any important nearby landmarks. A ‘know-everything-about-your-area’ feature in a real estate application helps the user to understand the area and accordingly pick up their property.

Powerful Unit Convertor

This feature can prove to a boon by all means to a real estate agent or a broker. They have to quickly convert area, mass, volume and in many cases currency into different units.

This again consumes time and also gives a room for error. However, a feature that provides a handy tool, which can easily convert these units helps them to immediately convert the units, with minimum scope of errors.

An in-built scanner

Numerous legal and other documents are the most crucial things required when you are on a property hunt. A feature which enables you to scan the documents directly from the mobile or hand-held device can become extremely helpful.

In fact, the scans look very much real – It gives you instant result, not need to rush to the office to send the documents, with this feature you can do it from anywhere and anytime.

Wrapping it up, mobile app development for real estate industry definitely has a long way to go! The above features are just a glimpse of what these apps and how it makes the property buying and selling a hassle free task.

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