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Integrate Magento with MS Dynamics AX – your ERP Package

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ERP – Enterprise resource planning software is now a mandate for company’s growth. One of the reasons being so is that small and midsized businesses, alike, are looking out for ways to improvise the integration of data across various business processes. Several Magento customers use one or the other form of ERP solution to empower their business.

Magento with DynamicsAX

Magento Integrate

For those who are yet to join this league, I will say that ERP is business management software that comes in from of integrated apps that help you manage all the aspects to your business. This includes your product planning and development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing as well. Noteworthy here is Magento’s application programming interface (API), which is so very flexible and can be conveniently integrated with an ERP package.

How will you choose an ERP Solution?

  • First assess the size of your company
  • Check out all your fulfillment operations
  • Differences in the accounting system you’re using now and valid reasons for switching
  • Chart out features of the ERP solution you plan to use and how you want to integrate them with Magento

While deciding on above aspects, check out the current situation with regards to whether you have brick-and-mortar retail locations, electronic data interchange (EDI) sales or other wholesale operations, or you are into manufacturing.

Here are some of the observations and experiences of integrating ERP packages with Magento. The sole purpose of sharing them here is to ensure that you are more strategic while choosing the best solution for your business.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Multi-site, international enterprises today need a suite of easy-to-implement and easy-to-use business solution with ease of customization in accordance to their market, designed and developed for their business size, and steadfast to grow their business. Microsoft Dynamics AX does all these.

Connect Magento front end store with MS Dynamics AX to automate the process of creating customer accounts and orders. You can suitably integrate MS Dynamics AX with several other order fulfillment systems utilizing XML file-based integration with following touch points:

  • Catalog import into Magento
  • “Customer create” function being exported from Magento to Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • “Customer update” function being imported into Magento
  • Order export from Magento to Dynamics AX
  • Order status update and edit import into Magento from AX

Blend Magento with MS Dynamics AX to enable:

  • Quick re-ordering process
  • Multiple breakpoints
  • Streamlined delivery fulfillment
  • Integration with company’s cloud-based financials and approval system

The result you get is in form of a really fast website, stress free ordering process, and all these leading to increased online sales.

The list is yet to exhaust, as professional Magento developers assist you to integrate Magento and MS Dynamics AX with exclusive enterprise features including Marketing and SEO capabilities, shipping and payments, multi-language, multi-currency and multi-store solutions with unparalleled flexibility and integrations.

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