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Increase Your Magento Store Sales

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Every Magento eCommerce store owner wants to grow but; what do you mean by growth? You want to increase the count of products, enhance the relationships with your customers, improve brand value, you want to attract new customers or maximize your sales? Well, it can be either any one of it or, a combination of more than one or may be all of them. So let’s start by Magento Store Development tips to maximize your Magento Store sales.

One of the top challenges is to attract customers and the second is what do you do to retain those customers who walk into your online Magento Store? There is no sales person to attend them, no one to explain them that purchasing the latest model is beneficial, or no one is compelled to make a confirmed sale. So then how does your Magento eCommerce Store Developers, help you retain these customers to increase the sale? There are a few tried and tested Magento eCommerce Development tricks that guarantee success for just about any online store. ALEXA rankings, a few months back, suggested that 26% of the world’s top 1mn websites use Magento – which is incredible, and hence we would take up these tricks for websites on Magento platform.

Increase Your Magento Store Sales

Customers tend to exit the cart – “YOU” need to stop them

Bringing a customer to your website and getting the shopping cart filled up seems to be a normal process. However; it is crucial that you stop them from leaving a product in the cart and exiting the website as and when they wish. It is noticed that after selecting and putting products in the shopping cart, a lot of customers exit the website when they find a non-secure payment method. So do you agree that a customer leaving your website abruptly means no or less sale?

The primary task for Magento Web Developers is to pay extra attention of adding a secure gateway to your Magento eCommerce store website. Offering a customer absolutely no chance to have a second thought is a better option. A smart idea is to offer coupons and make them aware of how to use these coupons there itself without toggling between the screens. This works fast and in your favor, against a situation where they are compelled to visit their cart, enter the code and then exit as they might find the process tedious.

Have you been using the Online WISHLIST?

Do you know that WISHLIST is the screen where customers, shortlist items and, spend more time than anywhere else on your website? The best part is that customers tend to return to their wish lists at some point of time in near future to check out the products which they shortlisted. These wish lists are also important to stop shopping cart abandonment and increase sales.

These WISHLISTs enable Magento stores to assess the popularity of products. In turn Magento eCommerce Development team may assign “Share to Social Media” button, and your customers can share their WISHLIST with their friends and family. Items helpful during holiday seasons, anniversaries and birthdays shared through these wish lists certainly can increase sales.

MINICART feature, is it functional?

Now that you have addressed the cart and wish-list challenges, it’s time to move on to mini-cart. It is one of the most important aspects that help customers to stay updated about the products in their shopping cart while they continue shopping for other products. It is helpful to them as they don’t need to return to their shopping cart every time to check; and instead a simple mouse over helps them to conveniently view their mini cart from anywhere on your online Magento website. This certainly keeps their interest intact and increase sales.

The version of Magento of your website, check it out – whether it supports Mini Cart functionality appropriately? Most of the times it is not your product or the customer’s fault, but it is the platform itself that does not prevent customers from proceeding to checkout.

If your Magento theme is other than default one, your customers may find “Out of Stock items on the website”. Also you need to check out whether your mini-cart provides support for such occurrences or not. Best Magento Website Development service providers prefer “Fortis” that has worked for a lot of online stores – successfully.

Allow customers to do comparisons within your Magento website

If you are an online Magento Store owner, and have the top website design and development service provider on your side, you know for sure that best user interface of your website assures you of better sales. Some additional features can now easily improve your website to serve the customer better. One such feature appreciated by people is “Compare” option. This option allows them to compare and decide between two different products. As of now there are no hands on examples available for ready reference, hence; facts – figures and statistics is what consumers can rely on.

Proactive Chat Support works wonders for your online Magento store

You can successfully increase conversion rates by proactively using proactive chat options at numerous stages of your eCommerce store. Chat options with multiple buttons and invitation designs – specific for those pages, as enlisted:

  • Checkout Process – Use proactive chat in the checkout stage to increase average order value. This would lead you to increased conversion rate.
  • Product Comparison Page – Using proactive chat window can certainly increase sale as it allows you to guide the customer to the right kind of product with the advantages.
  • Checks and Supplies Product Page – using proactive chat option here, will allow your consumers to opt for some other product as an option, as the one he wanted is out of stock. At the same time it will alert you of the stock conditions for that particular product.
  • Lead Generation Page – Proactive chat option here on this page will increase conversion ratio prominently as your buyer or consumer can conveniently clear their doubts – if any. This will help them go ahead and place the order – right away which will increase sales.

Improve and allow your consumers to discover your eCommerce site – conveniently

A lot of eCommerce websites are flourishing and are becoming increasingly popular, and the reason is that most of them are on Magento platforms, which offer convenient upgrades to your website content. There are several ways for detecting content preparedness, so let’s check out the top three:

  • Use some of those ground breaking themes, with inbuilt optimization of keywords – essential to your business.
  • If you are prepared for an expensive and time consuming method, why not opt for customized, genuine and fresh content for your website. These, followed with the right kind of SEO, and believe me; nothing can pull down your page on the retail map assuring you of increased traffic on your site.
  • You can go ahead and implement a 3rd party solution such as Google Custom Search to enhance Magento’s default search. Rather a better option is a customized solution, equipped with features such as:
    • Database integration
    • Dynamic clustering
    • Faceted search
    • Geospatial search
    • Hit highlighting
    • Near real-time indexing
    • Powerful full-text search
    • Rich document handling – Word, PDF

These customized solutions, designed to meet your business needs, are scalable, reliable and fault tolerant. They are capable of providing automated fail over and recovery, centralized configuration, distributed indexing, replication/load-balanced querying and much more. All these features clubbed together work in your favor to increase sales – do you agree?

“WRITE” what your Customers want to “READ”

In continuation to aforementioned point, “Content” that you offer on your Magento store is more than important. But that is not the only place to concentrate the power on. This is the age of Public Relations; it is one of the most influential tools that help you shape, how customers anticipate your online store as a particular brand. If that was not the case why more and more web retailers – may it be on Drupal, WordPress or Magento, are actively diverting their attention towards appropriate content?

Online stores can gather immense popularity just by releasing press releases and offering product reviews. They also can go ahead to maintain blogs & update customer feedback for new products and so on so forth. Not to forget, compelling content is half the battle won, when it comes to attracting and enticing customers. And attracted customers upon visiting your site equipped with all aforementioned features, will certainly make purchases that will increase sales.

KISS – KEEP it Simple and Silly

Studies have been constantly telling us about the importance of keeping things simple and silly while imparting information in any form to consumers on your Magento online shopping store. Your customer has limited ability to make limited number of choices – from a wide plethora of information. It is always nice to attract and impress your customers with various kinds of products, but I would advise you to keep things simple.

By limiting the number of choices, you can ensure that your customer has a better chance of being sure of their choice. In such cases, Magento redirects help you to throw back designated URLs and not just search results – now that is what I call simple yet efficient.

Be open to Professional help

We are in the 21st century where anything and everything needs to have a plan B, a business continuity/contingency plan. Though everything fails, you gave a fall back option working in your favor. Specifically for small businesses, it is a challenging task to manage and maintain a huge staff force that effectively tackles all the problems related to online sale of your product.

The one and only effective solution to this challenge is an “Ecommerce Management Company”. Magento development Companies in USA, UK, Canada, Australia & Middle East etc., with huge portfolios have clients from fortune 500 companies to their credit. They have streamlined processes and domain expertise to help retailers and manufacturers alike. Apart from this, their setups are so huge that they can provide you “managed hosting” services, straight entry to a broader network.

Why don’t you also join this conversation with your views, feedback and observations; if any?

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