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I have the idea but I don’t know coding, how to hire a great programmer & how to build a website?

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The world of internet knows no limits, giving really out of the blue ideas to individuals about Travel websites, Real Estate / property websites, shopping sites, online retail multivendor websites, online retail marketplaces and portals such as Airbnb,, Vimeo, Etsy, eBay, FlipKart, SnapDeal, Yelp, Groupon,, ZocDoc, GrubHub,,, FoodPanda,, UrbanSpoon,,,, Nuvango.

So now you have the idea about building a website, your new startup. But you don’t know how to code? You don’t know how and from where to hire a great programmer? You also don’t know what is the process of building a website? Your start-up is likely to hit these hurdles undoubtedly. But the help is just a click away…

Being an ISO 9001:2008 & CRISIL certified company; Hi-Tech ITO’s PHP Application Development Services are built on result oriented processes derived out of domain expertise and experience for any of our web development projects. We are one of the best web design firm in India and have successfully developed and coded sites for some of the biggest start-ups.

I have the idea but I don’t know coding, how to hire a great programmer & how to build a website?


  • We ask for more details and talk a lot about the project to gather maximum information on the preferred functionalities. Then we explain the concept of Most Valuable Player (MVP) to assess what will work and then build a website around it.
  • Next that comes in, is the cost of building a scalable website; that includes:

    • Ecosystem of partners/contributors
    • Costs of running it
    • Integrations
    • Maintenance
    • Debugging
    • UX fixes – Customer service, Compliance & Marketing costs, not included
  • This is then followed with:

    • Startup consulting for free
    • Our hourly web development rates
    • 3 month period for a team of 2-3 developers to launch an MVP
    • Competitive advantages – product wise
    • Point of difference / point of parity marketing-wise

Upon realizing these facts, I think it becomes much easier for anyone and everyone to understand why it is so tough to tell “How much will it cost to build a website?”. It’s not the cost of building a web site that you need – it’s a product strategy that you should be looking at.

Let us help you decide the product strategy, and then you focus on your core competencies while we prepare the best website for your business.

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