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How much does it cost to build a new website or how much will it cost to make a website?

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Travel website, Real Estate / property websites, shopping sites, online retail multivendor websites, online retail marketplaces and portals like Airbnb, Etsy, eBay, FlipKart, SnapDeal, Yelp, Groupon,,, ZocDoc, GrubHub,,, FoodPanda,, UrbanSpoon,,,, Nuvango – “You name it and we have it”.

Hi-Tech ITO is a successful Web Designing and Development service provider since its inception in 1992.Our skilled engineers have been keeping pace with the changes while designing websites ever since. Our web developers get inquisitive, but their intentions; when they ask a lot of questions is purely to gauge the appropriate solution to build your new website – that suffices all your business needs.

However; quickly answering “How much does it cost to build a new website?” is really tricky. Here, we are not trying to get away from giving a simplified answer, because often a lot of our readers think – we are.

How much does it cost to build a new website or how much will it cost to make a website?

I also would like to tell everyone that it is high time we stop treating web design as a “product” and not a “design service”. The concept is totally wrong when you think that you can walk in any of those virtual stores and order a 2, 5 or 10 page website for a lump sum or pre decided amount.

However; designing and developing the website for your business is a process in which our team works with you hand in hand on things more than you even can think of – including:

  • Consulting – lot of you rarely know which solution fits your business, the best
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Creation – Web pages, Articles, Blogs and much more
  • User Experience Testing – UET
  • User Acceptance Testing – UAE
  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO
  • Content Management System – Setup and Configuration
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Project Management and Updates
  • Phone Calls and Emails
  • Social Media Management
  • Editing
  • Training

22 years’ experience of Hi-Tech ITO is “priceless” when it comes to paying the cost to build a new website for your business. It is the key to our successful existence today.

How will you evaluate the dollar value to our efforts, innovations & synergies we incorporate while delivering comprehensive web design & development solutions including Design, Backend Technology, Payment Gateways, Front End Implementations and a lot more?

We provide next generation staffing needs & profitability at competitive prices through:

  • Microsoft .NET Application Development
  • Web Designing
  • E-commerce Portal Development
  • Content Management Solutions
  • Custom Application Developments

So ideally, instead of looking at 30 man days or 100 man days or our hourly billing rate as one of the best offshore IT company; you should go ahead & hire top Web Designers, hire Project Managers, hire Business Analysts, hire Technical Developers from us and enjoy the benefits of flexible Website Design & Development Solutions that we provide.

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