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Enterprise Mobility in 2016: Get ready to Manage EMM Opportunities

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Smartphones and hand-held devices have multiplied in the last couple of years! In fact, it is believed that by the end of 2019, there will be around of 2.6 million smartphone users on the planet. Since, mobile devices are used extensively, particularly within the workplace, several business domains are quickly acknowledging and accepting enterprise mobility solutions.

The vast potential of EMM (enterprise managed mobility) offers a largely untapped market for both; the solution providers and businesses, alike. This also means that mobility solutions integration within the enterprise will bring a lot of things, and market watchers believe that 2016 will be a witness to these events. So what does this mean for solution providers in 2016?

Enterprise Managed Mobility in 2016

Though Apple’s mobile handset sales dipped for first time since 2003, they always have taken the center stage. Their mobile’s steady evolution from a feature-rich device to EMM, the real action is expected to take place for channel partners. This also poses a question, are channels prepared to manage EMM opportunities coming their way?

Though, current year seems quite promising for EMM, some industry-insiders feel that the channels have a long way to go, before they actually are ready to manage EMM opportunities. Many feel that with an increase in scattered workforce, MSPs have to struggle to conceptualize EMM and how to handle it. Moreover, there are still large number of people within the channel, who haven’t adopted new technology. This, of course makes it important for businesses to understand how to properly integrate mobility solutions into managed services, IT ecosystem and support.

The point here is that solution providers need to focus on simpler integration of mobile devices into enterprise and ensure secure connections to pave a path for productive apps. Leading researchers have forecasted a dramatic expansion for managed mobile services, the next few years. They projected that third party mobile devices management, will grow to 50.4 million in 2018, which makes the compound annual growth of 31%. Moreover, as compared to last year, 34 % of enterprises with more than 500 employees, use managed mobility life cycle services, which is expected to see an addition of 54% in the next two years.

This scenario requires a close collaboration between leading device manufactures and networking vendors. For an example, Apple and Cisco, recently signed up for partnership to integrate iOS devices in business settings by deploying networking giant’s technological capabilities. Following into the Apple’s foot-steps are other giants like Blackberry, Samsung and SAP to harness the power of enterprise mobility in 2016.

All of these agreements between device makers and networking providers boil down to one thing, in 2016 solutions providers will have to get on board with EMM or get ready to be left behind in the race. Customers are realizing the need to have managed mobile solutions, and so are most of the channels.

Irrespective of how it is distributed, EMM is going to be a goldmine for the solution providers and is set to provide lucrative and recurring opportunities.

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