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Consider Business Goals before Implementing the Hottest Web Design that is taking over the Internet

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WebSphere witnessed major path-breaking trends in the year 2015. For example flat & minimalistic design ruled web designing world with its sleek, quick and easy-to-navigate sites. Moreover; loading animations and background videos became widely popular among the designers.

The emergence of so many trends has made things quite difficult for web designers as to what to design and for entrepreneurs and businesses as to which web design to implement for their website. Most of them find themselves at cross-roads. Deciding which trends are worth implementing and which are best left ignored in the coming years, take great efforts and a lot of brainstorming. In my last article as well I emphasized to Not to follow the Web Design trends blindly.


We have pondered over few areas, which needs due consideration, if you are planning to implement some latest design trends within the website.

In sync Design and KPIs

(Clear) business goals and key performance indicators (KPI) are two of the most crucial metrics, which require thorough consideration before finalizing a major design trend.

It is extremely important that you align your KPIs before chalking out your designing strategy. Determine the purpose of your business website, contemplate factors like whether your site would be used as a means to improve brand awareness/online presence or you want to induce visitors to sign up on the site.

For example, if an insurance company intends to get its visitors started with a quote for saving money while buying insurance, designers need to limit use of animated mouse-overs on its homepage.


Moreover, a thorough scrutiny of in-page analytics, along with heat-maps and session replays data, will provide a fair idea about the conversion funnel. This will help you determine which design element is a hit among the visitors. Further, conducting an A/B testing will enable you to ascertain how well a particular trend performs on the site and whether or not it augments the conversion funnel.

Align the website design to your Target Audience

Every UX rule book teaches to align web design with the target audience for successful and exceptional conversion rates. However; several designers, often fall for latest and cool trends, forgetting about the end-users. This, needless to say, is an important area where UX gets badly hit. So, when you select a particular trend keep end-users’ experience in mind.

This website presents an excellent example of how you can align your design with the target audience. The business intends the visitor to get on the card design bandwagon. For this, they included design elements to evoke a response from the target audience.


Again, user behavior and engagement can be tracked using heat-maps and conversion analytics. This data provides reasonable insights about user preferences and even help you anticipate how a larger user base would react to a particular change. Moreover, it will also help you to determine whether or not implementing change across the site augment the conversion rates.

Learn from visitor experiences

While modern UX trends have become synonymous with cool and innovative sites, it is important to not get carried away, especially when you have not examined the results of past tests properly. While, adoption of a new trend is on the cards, remember to get an access of in-page analytics to learn more about visitor’s behavior in response to any previous change you made in the site.

Moreover, while you intend to keep things updated, make sure you are not overdoing it. You may end up confusing your “regular visitors” with frequent site overhauls resulting in adverse effect on your traffic.

Weigh the Pros and Cons

The human tendency is to get attracted to anything and everything that is new. We all want everything to be trendy and upbeat. So, how can we lag behind when it comes to UX trends?

However; before you leap and just design a site based on a popular trend, make sure you have properly weighed all the possible pros against possible cons. Take into account possible positive and negative effects, the design might have on the user psyche. Also try and find more ways to measure the effect.

Money does count

Several business owners want to add a video to their homepage, why; because everyone else in the industry does so. However; adding a video might hinder visitors from completing their journey within the website, making them stay on the video and then abandon the site. So the point here is that, before you adopt any trend, consider potential adverse effects it could impale on your profits.


A well-performing UX web design is a result of thoughtful implementation of current trends. Therefore; consider your goals before you implement the hottest web design that is taking over the Internet.

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