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10 Best Microsoft Office 365 Features Set to Rule Business World in 2015, Experts Claim…!!!

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2015 was welcomed with great enthusiasm across various industrial verticals – Global business leaders analyzed the past mistakes as well as the supposedly upcoming technologies and trends potent enough to create ripples in the market during this current year. One such technology has been in news since last few days is Microsoft Office 365 – With a Roadmap ready as early as first quarter of 2014; the market gurus are keeping an eye latest developments. And needless to say, some of its features have caught the attention of the business managers.

10 Best Microsoft Office 365 Features Set to Rule Business World in 2015, Experts Claim…!!!

10 Best Microsoft Office 365 features for 2015 that are set to rule the business world in coming days, experts claim.

1. Easy ‘Groups’ Formation

With the business structure getting more complex and information-centric; sharing and collaborating across different groups and project teams has become a must. But, often it is noticed that tools used to bring people together in a virtual group varies depending upon different apps.

Microsoft office 365 has an amazing feature called ’Groups’ which ties all of these applications together. Industry experts are deeming it one of the most awesome features to be rolled out so far. Connecting together the Yammer Groups with the existing SharePoint Team Sites, and interacting with the Group in Outlook, will now be as smooth as butter! It has all the potential to bring about a revolution in the way these tools were used so far.

2. Clutter

A messy inbox? The so many folders and inbox rules makes it a problem to track your mails and has the overflowing emails are giving your headaches? ‘Clutter’ puts this ordeal on end! It will redefine the way the inboxes are viewed. It uses the machine to undo the messy inbox by moving low priority messages out of it and into a new ‘Clutter’ folder. This feature uses your actions to determine the messages you would want to ignore. And therefore, as and when any not-so-important message arrives, it automatically goes to the Clutter folder.

3. Power Map

Power Map is one of the simplest features; you don’t require to be a pro to understand the functionality. It is like if you want your Excel data on a map you can do it with this feature. Recently, Microsoft introduced “Custom Maps” which has proved to be a game changer! All you have to do it choose an image—such as a building floor plan and quickly transform that data into a dynamic visual story. Power Map will take care of the rest.

4. Document Conversation

Collaborating on a single document is indeed a cumbersome task. But with Microsoft office 365 it becomes easier. Document conversations feature allows you to share the ideas as well as expertise across the Office documents, images and videos; even from the content they are editing or reviewing. Imagine a situation where you can ask questions, gain the know-how and even offer feedback about content without getting up from your place!

5. Video Portal

Called as “NextGen Portals” this feature is an important part of Office 365. Office 365 is a robustly delivers the NextGen Portals, designed such as:

  • Intelligent— Power up the Office Graph to deliver customized, appropriate information to users.
  • Social — Incorporating social interactions from Yammer to encourage more participation.
  • Mobile — simple to access and utilize content from any device, and from anywhere.
6. Customized Themes

To be rolled out this fall, Custom themes are expected to increase in number!

With this feature at your disposal, a great deal of customization and integration of the brand assets can be done into Office 365 and SharePoint Online. Even a smaller or medium sized business can simply change the Suite Bar as well as add an image of their choice without help from a pro!

7. Integration with Yammer Office

Microsoft purchased Yammer in June of 2012! Yammer, with its own document storage system, also messaging system. Since, a long time, Microsoft has trying to fully integrate Yammer into Office 365 which is expected to reach the fulfillment in the current year.

Full Integration of Groups and Office Online will truly send make the Yammer experience the ultimate one.

8. Device & Mobile Compatibility

Mobile and device solutions have made and remained in the highlights the last year. With the new CEO taken over the company; Microsoft has coined a new mantra – Anywhere, anytime and from any device – needless to say, it is received with open arms by customers across the globe. The result as we can all see that is now we have OneNote for iOS and Mac, OneDrive for iOS and Outlook for Mac.

9. Limitless OneDrive Storage

OneDrive storage is now unlimited. With this new feature there is no need to worry about how much data to store or pay any extra penny for it. Microsoft has built several data centers with adequate capacity, which makes the storage is a free commodity.

10. Delve

This new feature makes “search and discover” easier, efficient and faster with the Office graph in the background. The Office Graph examines the work network as well as the activities undertaken on a daily basis Office 365 showing you the most relevant content.

To get the maximum advantages of these amazing features of Office 365; hire professional and experience IT Company.

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